It’s Evil I Tell Ya!

I’ve decided what they say is true. Halloween is evil. I have allowed it to suck me in to making halloween costumes for the last five years. The first couple years were easy enough — a ladybug one year and a rageddy ann the next. Then, with the addition of Timothy, things got a bit more complicated. Instead of making one costume, I had to make two — one year it was a cheerleader and a bumblebee (why do I like dressing my children up as bugs?) and Superman and Snow White the next. Now when I say I make these costumes, I am not saying I start from scratch. No, I simply take one of their outfits and modify it slightly to make it a costume. For example, Emily’s Snow White costume was one of her dress up outfits and a huge black wig. And, Timothy’s Superman costume was a pair of PJ’s with some red shorts over blue sweatpants.

Now, this year the children have chosen to dress up as characters from Veggietales. Emily will be Laura the carrot, Timothy will be Jr asparagus, and Zachary will be Bob the Tomato. A thorough search on the internet to find such costumes proved to be fruitless (pun intended!) unless I wanted to spend an obscene amount of money getting some from ebay. None of the children’s existing outfits could really be modified, so I am starting from scratch.

To give myself plenty of time, I started working on Emily’s Laura costume this week. With a creative use of felt, hot glue, a styrofoam ball, a black marker, yarn, a winter cap, velcro and yellow fleece (leftover from making knotted fleece blankets a few weeks ago), Emily is now the proud owner of a Laura costume. And it only took me 4 days to get it done. I was quite dismayed when she informed me that it looked like Bob!

I have two costumes left to do now. And it concerns me greatly that I think the Laura costume will be easiest one to do! Maybe next year I will agree more readily when Emily wants the Tinkerbell costume at Wal-Mart….


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