Can I really allow this to continue?

This morning as I put clothes in to the washer so I can add to the pile on the couches, I noticed something that may be a bit disturbing. My two year old son was sitting on the kitchen floor playing. Now that’s not the disturbing part. It’s such a rare thing for him to be in one place that it was actually kind of nice for him to be sitting and playing. And he was close to the laundry room, so I was able to watch him. He was playing with a Woody Cowboy doll. Now that’s also not a big deal. If the boy is going to play with dolls, at least it is a Cowboy doll. However, Woody was interacting with 4 naked barbies, a barbie whose dress has a tendency to fall off, and a scantily clad pink fairy princess barbie. Woody has got it going on, right?

When it comes to housework, Scott and I play a game. It’s much like the game we used to play when our children were still not sleeping through the night. You know the game I am talking about it. Ignore the crying child and pretend to be asleep. Whoever lasts the longest without getting up wins. It seems lately that we have approached housework much the same way. Who will go the longest without just getting completely fed up with the mess and start cleaning! I know it is technically my job to do it, but I just can’t get motivated to get to it.

In the meantime, my barbie playing two year old son has a hard time walking through the room without tripping. Of course, he has a tendancy to trip over shadows in the carpet. At least this way he’s tripping over real things.


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