Trac This!

A few months ago, Scott and I decided to switch our cell phone service to TracFone. We have some friends who use TracFone and have very good luck with it. We don’t use our phone that much, so we decided prepaid is the way for us.

So, on August 12, we bought a TracFone at Wally World in Lubbock. We get home and attempt to activate it, and discover that it is not compatible for our local area. So, we call customer service and they say they will send us a new compatible SIM card. We should receive it in 5 business days. No big deal. Well, a week went by and we still didn’t have the card. I decided to give it another week. On August 29, I figured we had waited long enough and I called them again. This time they told me that their warehouse was in the path of Hurricane Katrina (Miami) and to call back in two days. So, I did. And they told me they would resubmit the request and we should receive the SIM in 5 business days. I called them again on September 9th and was told the same thing again. I had Scott call them on the 16th and he was given a DHL tracking number. We finally received it on the 19th.

So, I put the new SIM card in our phone and activated the phone. Then, I was quite disappointed to find that our phone number was long distance. So, I emailed my friend who uses TracFone to be sure they even have a local number. She told me they do, so I called TracFone customer service again. This time it was to get a local number, and possibly even get our existing cell phone number ported to the TracFone. This time customer service told me that the SIM card that I had received earlier that day was not compatible with our local service area and in order to get a new number I would need a new SIM card. After I explained that I had already gone through that step, they decided the phone was the problem and I would need to ship the phone to their warehouse and they would ship a replacement. I would get 30 extra units of airtime for the inconvenience. So, I packed up the phone, including a very detailed note expaining what was going on, and shipped it to them via UPS. In the meantime, I received yet another SIM card. Not real sure where that one came from.

TODAY, I received my new phone. So, I charged it up and got online to activate it. Once again, I get the message that the SIM card is not compatible to my area. So, I called customer service AGAIN. I had the guy check both SIM cards and was told that neither one is compatible. A new card will arrive in 3-5 business days. I feel a bit bad about this because it really isn’t this particular persons fault, but I asked him why it is that they keep sending me incompatible cards. All he could say is that he is sorry and he will give me 20 units of airtime. So, if you’re keeping track, we’re now up to 50 plus the 10 that come with it.

Scott is about ready to give up, but there is no way I can allow that. I have put way too much energy into this. I guess we’ll just see what happens next. Oh boy….


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