A Timism

A wonderful thing has happened over the last few months. Well, I think it is wonderful now. I may not think in the next few years. Our two year old son has decided to start talking. Perhaps its just because he’s at the age when kids generally start talking, or because now that his darling big sister is gone for three hours a day he actually has the opportunity to speak. He doesn’t speak real clearly yet, but his vocabulary grows daily.

Last night as we were tucking the children into bed, Scott was helping Timothy say his prayers. Scott was chewing some gum at the time. He had Timothy put his hands together and prompted him to repeat after him. Scott said “Dear God” and Timothy repeated “Ear Gah.” Then Scott said “Thank You For Mommy” and Timothy repeated “Tank Oo Ma Ma.” Scott said “Thank You For Daddy.” Timothy repeated “Tank Oo Da Da.” Then Timothy added his own request by saying “Want Gum Too” just as clear as he could. Scott managed to keep from laughing long enough to help Timothy finish thanking God for the rest of the family members. Until he tells us otherwise, we are going to assume that he is thankful for the other members of the family……


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