Evening Events

A few moments ago we heard our two year old crying in his bed. Since he is our second child, we don’t generally jump every time he cries if the crying is not too insistent. So, we waited a few more moments just to see if consoling was necessary. After a minute, the crying stopped.

Not long after we heard the crying, our five year old came stumbling into the room. Once in a while, she will sleepwalk. She comes into the room and wanders around speaking incoherently. I stopped her and asked her what she needed. She couldn’t figure it out and told me “no thank you.” So, we sent her back to bed. Not even a minute later she was back, but this time her pajama pants were down around her ankles and she was saying “I was looking for, I was looking for …” never saying what she was looking for. So, we asked her if she needed to go potty. She confirmed that she did, so we told her she needed to go to the bathroom for that. She then wandered around the living room and the hallway still trying to find the restroom. Scott stopped her in the hallway, told her to wake up, and helped her find her way to the bathroom. Poor kid.

Both children are now tucked into their beds.


One thought on “Evening Events

  1. Traci did that when she was little, too. It must be in the genes. I used to sleep walk and talk incoherently in my sleep. I still wake up every once in a while and find myself in the kitchen or living room, and don’t know how or why I got there. Gran tells me when I was little she would find me sitting in front of the TV “watching” it in my sleep and it wasn’t even turned on. I’m sorry I passed that on to Emily.

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