Locked Out!

We are borrowing dad’s truck for a bit (we’ll explain why another time). Today, we had a little excitement when it was time to go pick Emily up from school. The boys and I head out to the truck. I set Zachary down in the front passenger seat, then went around to the other side to buckle Timothy in the back. While I was buckling him in, I let him hold the keys. Then, I shut Timothy’s door. When I started to open the driver side door so I could put Zachary into his seat in the middle of the back, I was quite distraught to find that the door wouldn’t open. Timothy had locked the door using the keyless entry! So, I told Timothy to get the keys. By this time, he had tossed them into Zachary’s carseat and moved on to playing with his hotwheel. Surprisingly enough, he dropped the car and got the keys. So, I told him to push the button. He smiled, waved the keys at me, and said “push button.” Great, he knew what I was saying. But he wouldn’t push the button. He just kept smiling and laughing while waving the keys. In the meantime, Zachary has decided he wants to play with his brother. So, he crawls up onto the armrest of the front seat and is reaching for Timothy when I hear a click! WOOHOO! Timothy had pushed the button. I opened the door, stopped Zachary from crashing down from the armrest, retrieved the keys from Timothy, put Zachary in his carseat, and we were off to get Emily. I chose to ignore the distance to empty indicator saying we had 0 miles left, and made it safely to get Emily and back home again. All was well….


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