Red Dots

I don’t know if you are a Seinfeld fan, but we are. Part of our nightly ritual often includes watching at least one episode of the situation comedy about nothing, and some of the lines (“But, I don’t want to be a pirate!”) are a regular part of our dialogue around here. One episode that was recently shown involves a red dot on a white cashmere sweater that George purchased for Elaine. We recently had our own red dot experience around here.

The oddest things show up from time to time around here. I guess that is just to be expected when children are involved. Yesterday, I noticed some red dots on the carpet. They were about the size of a half dollar and were scattered in various places in the living room, the hallway, the kids’ bedroom, and in our bedroom. I noticed them in the hallway first and followed them to find the origin to be in front of my vanity. Well, Mr. Tim has a bad habit of playing with my makeup. So, I called him back to my room and asked him if he had been playing with mommy’s makeup. He looked at me with innocent eyes and said “no, mommy’s makeup.” That worked for me. Everything seemed to be in it’s proper place anyway. So, it must not be makeup.

I pondered this a moment trying to figure out what this was, spraying the dots with Resolve as I considered the possiblities. It occurred to me that the random scattering of the dots was similar to the path a dog might take. Perhaps one of the dogs had stepped on something and had scattered blood all over the house. So, I let the dogs in the house and check their feet for wounds. All the while, Timothy is following me around saying “no, mommy’s makeup.” I find no wounds on the dogs’ paws. This has really got me stumped. What is causing these dots? And why does it seem more of them are showing up? Is Timothy bleeding? Nah.. he would have let me know if he was hurt. Is Timothy playing with a marker? No, he’s following me around saying “no, mommy’s makeup.” Maybe I just didn’t notice how many there were in the first place.

So, I gave up figuring out what caused the red dots and began scrubbing. Scott came home during this time and starting scrubbing too. While we’re scrubbing, Timothy came up to me and asked me help him tie his shoe. So I did and kept at it. Then I notice that a place I had already cleaned had another red dot on it. AH! Where are they coming from????

I continue scrubbing and once again Timothy came by and asked that I tie his shoelace. By this time I am pretty frustrated about the dots and am tired of tying his shoelaces. So, I take his shoes off and instruct him to put on his velcro tennis shoes. Problem solved. So, I am putting the shoes away and notice that I am touching something gooey on the bottom of one of the shoes. Never a good thing when handling a two year olds shoes. I turn the shoe over and find the culprit! It seems that Timothy had stepped in some of Emily’s dressup lip gloss and managed to track it all over the house.

With the use of some Resolve with Oxy Clean and Ammonia, we have rid our carpet of the red dots! What a relief that it was lip gloss!


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