Sneaky Son

Today was better than yesterday. Emily seems to be completely recovered. Per doctor’s instructions, she stayed home from school today. Since she was feeling pretty good, I took her to work with me. It is only an hour and a half, and I figured it would be okay so long as I didn’t let her get around the other kids. She sat at the desk in my office and did some of the pages in her “school” book. It’s a book I bought for her last year when she wanted to learn her letters and such. Her teachers had told me they were doing the letter M this week, so she did the letter M pages in her book. A few times, she went up to the church office with me and people commented that she seemed to be feeling pretty good in spite of having strep. Tonight her temperature was 96.2 (Timothy made us take his too, it was 96.1). So, she’ll definitely be going back to school tomorrow.

Timothy has a new trick. He has learned to play quietly during sleep times. If he’d learn to clean up after himself, we’d never even know he was out of bed. For instance, about an hour after bedtime tonight, I heard a noise coming from their bedroom. So, I went in to investigate. Both children were in bed. Emily was asleep. Timothy was almost asleep. I noticed that all of Emily’s dress up clothes were scattered around the floor. Hmmmm…. they weren’t like that when we put the kids to bed. She keeps them in her suitcase under her bed. Who could have gotten them out? Oh well, no need to get unglued about it at this hour. He and I will clean it up tomorrow. The little punk. He really keeps us on our toes!

What will we do when Zachary starts walking? He’s trying so hard to get around in a way other than rolling. He can get up on his hands and knees pretty well, but usually ends up going backwards. I don’t know if he’s going to master a forward crawl before he starts walking. Neither Emily nor Timothy crawled, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Zachary doesn’t either. He sure enjoys getting to practice walking by holding onto our fingers. He’ll have to start walking by next Thursday to beat Timothy’s record!


3 thoughts on “Sneaky Son

  1. Poor Timothy.gets blamed for everything! Hey, it COULD have been his sister that drug the clothes out, knowing SHE’D never be blamed. Older sisters do that some times, right Grandmamma………..

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