Gobble Gobble

Just a quick post before going to get Zachary out of bed. Emily is gone to school, so Timothy and I are having a few minutes to ourselves. First thing this morning, Timothy had to help me clean up the mess he made last night. I didn’t give him all the hugs and kisses he generally gets in the morning. We got the mess cleaned up, had breakfast, and got dressed. A few minutes ago, I was hugging him and telling him I love him even though he’s a punk. His response? “I a turkey! Tell Daddy I a turkey.” Scott was already gone to take Emily to school, so we called him to tell him. Timothy was all ready to say “Hi Daddy, I a Turkey” when Scott answered the phone. But, instead we got the voice mail. That surprised Timothy and he threw the phone down when it beeped. He did manage to leave a message and Scott called back a minute later to find out what he said.

I guess we’re about ready for Thanksgiving! We already have the turkey.


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