It’s 48 degrees outside. Too cold for me! It seems like we had about two days of autumn weather, during which all the trees dumped their leaves. And now, we’re heading straight into winter.

Speaking of seasons, our family has moved into a new season. We no longer have a special place in the cabinet for baby bottles. Yesterday, we packed up all the bottles and I am planning to give them away to a friend and to the crisis pregnancy center. Can you guess why? At the ripe age of 11 months, Zachary is done with bottles! Of the three, he was the hardest to get used to sippy cups. For a while, we had to hold him and help him hold the cup. He just couldn’t figure out how to hold it high enough when he was sitting in his high chair. Well, that time is over. Over the last two or three days, he has demonstrated that he’s figured it out. Way to go Zachary!


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