Wants and Needs

Here’s something fun that you may want to try.

Find out what google thinks you need. Google your name and the word needs. Here are just a few of the results I got when I searched for “Lori needs”
Lori needs our help and support now more than ever
Lori needs to step out into the experiences of others and use that to make an attitude change
Lori needs a new license
Lori needs one more year to finish med school
Lori needs to update the evaluation questionnaire to include a distinction between hearing about the workshop through the purple handout and the yellow sign
Lori needs to do a lot more shopping
Lori needs to continue to improve the process
Lori needs hugs for all her dedication and hard work

If you thought that was fun, check out what google thinks you want too! Here’s what google thinks “Lori wants.”
Lori wants chase to her self
Lori wants to return home
Lori Wants Help for a Fair Trial or Her Release
Lori wants to invest $20 in stock that shows a steady increase in price
Lori wants to go to the altar
Lori wants to do 42 things
Lori wants to visit 26 places
Lori wants to pursue a research Ph.D. (Unfortunately Lori needs a year to complete medical school!)
Lori wants each Office / Center to come up with workshops for each of three age groups
Lori wants to get Cookie her own present,
Lori wants to bungee jump

Have fun!! šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Wants and Needs

  1. This is fun!

    Ida needs new ethics rule
    Ida needs to make grants rather than loans
    Ida needs more people
    Ida needs your help
    Ida needs analysis
    Ida needs $2993
    Ida needs to play a leading role
    Ida needs to be reformed
    Ida needs to change
    Ida needs help
    Ida needs to focus

    Ida wants your input
    Ida wants Clarton Bridge Spared
    Ida wants YOU!
    Ida wants to keep it open
    Ida wants to spend the summer with Aunt Claudia
    Ida wants to name me president
    Ida wants to reach out to all those living with chronic conditions
    Ida wants to move
    Ida wants to say she’s sorry
    Ida wants to feel his love
    Ida wants to hit America hard
    Ida wants to do mischeif
    Ida wants to talk about her daughter
    Ida wants to do much more

    and I could go on all night. Thanks for the idea….

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