A Hair Raising Adventure

Yesterday, we decided it was time for Zachary to be rid of his comb over. Scott had been saying for quite some time that he was ready to give him his first haircut. However, because of a not-so-great experience cutting Timothy’s hair once, he is no longer “allowed” to give the boys haircuts without supervision. Last night was the first evening in a while that we’ve both been home at the same time and actually had a little energy to do more than watch TV. So, we put Zachary in his high chair and Scott got out his trusty hair-cutting clippers. It was my job to keep Zachary’s hands down, hold Zachary’s head still, and take pictures in order to document this grand milestone of baby’s first haircut. All Scott had to do was cut the hair. Hmm… now that I think about it, I think I may have gotten the harder job. Maybe not.

Here are a few before shots (one is from last week, the other two are from right before Scott started cutting):

I’ve decided not to include any pictures from during the haircut. Zachary did not enjoy the haircut at all. I don’t know if the noise of the clippers scared him or if it was because he was being held down in his high chair, but he pretty much screamed the entire time. Poor little guy.

Not long after Scott began cutting, we discovered that Zachary’s hair is very different from Timothy’s. I know what you’re thinking — he’s 11+ months old and they are just now discovering that their sons have different hair??? Timothy’s is very coarse and curly (from my side of the family), while Zachary’s is fine and straight (from Scott’s side of the family). That we already knew. However, we didn’t know that these differences would effect how we would have to use the clippers. Timothy’s hair stands up as we run through the clippers through it, making it a fairly quick process to cut his hair. Zachary’s hair does not stand up. It was basically like Scott was combing his hair with the clippers.

Luckily, Scott got past all of these obstacles and did a great job. Here are a few after shots:

We’re very pleased with his new do. Emily commented that he doesn’t look like a baby anymore, but like a big boy. She thinks he looks more like Timothy than he did before.

In case you’re wondering, we do still take pictures of Emily and Timothy. They are both doing great!!



2 thoughts on “A Hair Raising Adventure

  1. Good job, Scott & Lori! He’s such a cutie! He still has his own look. You can tell they are brothers, but each definitely has his own look.

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