Girl Time

For several weeks now, Emily has been wanting to go on a lunchdate just with mommy. Today, it finally happened. Scott was kind enough to stay home with the boys so we could go out (Thanks Scott!). We went to a place called “Season’s Way.” It’s a tea room / soup & sandwich place. It’s the same place we had her birthday party at a couple months ago. It’s very girly. We had raspberry tea, potato cheese soup in a bread bowl, and croissant sandwiches with fresh vegetables and potato chips. We visited like old friends. We had a great time! It is definitely something we’ll have to do again. Emily is still talking about how much she loved the food!

From what I understand, Scott had a good time with the boys. Zachary slept the whole time, so Scott and Timothy got to have some time together and have some tomato soup with goldfish crackers and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Timothy and Emily were happy to see each other when we got home. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Girl Time

  1. We did have a great time and I am glad that you and your daughter had a one too. By the way, I learned that the proper way to eat tomato soup is to start with goldfish crackers, add a little tomato soup, stir with your finger then eat with your hands. It is also appropriate to lick up every drop of soup that falls from a gold fish, whether onto your arm, leg, or even the table (I drew the line at the floor, though).

  2. Another place you two girls should try is down on Broadway Street. It’s called the Ecclectic Tea Room. They have bing cherry iced tea. YUMMY!!!!!

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