One To Cross Off of Future Careers

We’ve been back home from our Thanksgiving travels for just under 24 hours now, so I thought I’d better document all that occurred before I forgot.

We arrived at mom and dad’s house around 9:30 on Tuesday night. We had the good fortune to have found a wonderful place to leave the dogs, since it really is a hassle to take them to Granbury. It really wouldn’t do to put a fence on mom and dad’s back yard that sits on the edge of the Brazos river, making it necessary to tie the dogs to a rope when nature calls them outside. This really doesn’t suit the dogs too well. So, Cramer and Lucy had the privilege of staying with Gran & Granddad during the holiday. It lengthens the trip to Granbury a bit, which is to be expected considering that we head an hour in the opposite direction. It was definitely worth it to us, and I understand that Cramer & Lucy enjoyed quite a bit of spoiling while staying with the grandparents…

Anyway, Tuesday was driving day. Wednesday consisted of just enjoying being at Mom & Dad’s house. It didn’t take Zachary long to choose his favorite person there — GRANDMOTHER!! He followed her around everywhere. She really enjoyed getting to hold him, but there were times when she just couldn’t. She would pass him off to the nearest handy grown-up (yes, Scott & I are grown-ups!), and he would start wailing. He could be soothed with a cracker most of the time. This did get a bit better as the holiday went on. Emily’s imagination was running in high gear as she made pretend menus and pretended to be a waitress. Timothy wasn’t exactly sure what they were doing, but he seemed to keep in step with her pretty well. Scott had corn dogs (plastic spoons), I had chicken nuggets (something that appeared to be a chest armor from an old he-man toy), and Dad had a turkey sandwich (a flintstone house out of an old happy meal) that wasn’t actually on the menu. That night after the kids went to bed, we played 42. Through a comedy errors, Scott and I won!

Thursday was Thanksgiving. Because LD & Nicole were not going to make it until Friday, we had decided to have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. I must say though that Thursday’s meal was nothing to shabby! Mom served ham, ambrosia, green bean casserole, and something else… I really can’t remember. I just know it was delicious! We had watched the parade that morning and the football game in the afternoon (that didn’t go so well for the cowboys). It was another fun day. Scott and I even managed to win another round of 42 that evening!

Friday, I was woken up around 9:00 to mom calling from downstairs to tell us that LD & Nicole had arrived. We had slept in a bit, unlike LD & Nicole who had been at Wal-Mart at 5:00 that morning. Crazy!! Now that their Aunt & Uncle had arrived, the children now had two more people to shower them with attention.

This brings me to the event that inspired the title of this post. Emily and Timothy had been watching a movie and doing some cutting, gluing, and coloring in mom and dad’s room. They had come in to the living room several times to show off their artwork. Well, one time Emily came in looking particularly proud of herself. After about a second, I noticed the canvas of her newest creation. HER HAIR! She had chosen to take a chunk out of her bangs, out of the back of her hair, and a little off the sides. We took her to supercuts later that day to get it evened out. Her hair that was getting close to the bottom of her shoulder blades now rests just above her shoulders. Her bangs are not too short, though they are close. She has a little alfalfa spike in the back that can be covered up with a little pony tail or plastered down with mousse. I suppose it could have been worse, but am thinking she doesn’t have much of a future in hairdressing! I know I am guilty of cutting my hair on more than one occasion growing up, and I hope this one time is all it takes for Emily to learn to keep scissors out of her hair.

Saturday morning, Nicole’s parents and sister came over for lunch. After a lovely visit with them, it was time for us to leave so we could get home.

So, that’s Zachary’s first Thanksgiving holiday celebration. It was a great one, despite the adventure Emily took us on!


5 thoughts on “One To Cross Off of Future Careers

  1. Nope, we didn’t take any pictures at the time. That would have just encouraged her that we liked what she’d done. I did take a couple yesterday, but you really can’t tell much from them…

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