Spam & Life In These Parts

Over the last couple days, I have received about 20 spam comments here on my blog. I receive an email that says “Please moderate:” and then it lists the name of the post that was spammed. The comment is usually something complimentary followed by a nonsensical statement like “tremendous is feature of full table.” Huh? Luckily, I can just go to the moderation place and mark them as spam. It’s still a bit annoying.

Life is proceding as usual around here. I found out a few minutes ago that I will be giving my presentation of my Master’s research on Monday afternoon. I had thought (& honestly, kind of hoped) we would never get that scheduled! So now I need to pull it out and remember what I did. I have a slept a little since then. Unfortunately, Scott has class during that time so he won’t get to go.

Timothy is in the third day of our second attempt of potty training. It’s going fairly well this time around. He’s had a couple accidents the last two days, but has had quite a few “hits” as well. Today is a new day and so far he’s doing great! I just remembered something funny that Emily said yesterday. Scott and I were talking about how well Timothy is doing at being potty trained. And Emily asked, “why are we putting a train on the end of the potty?” We explained to her what train meant in this context. Silly goose!

Zachary’s birthday is a week from today. I find that hard to believe. He is pulling up on everything in sight. He has yet to take his first step without holding on yet, but I have a feeling it won’t be long! I think it frustrates him a bit that he’s not able to let go and walk yet.

Emily’s hair is growing out nicely. I am glad for that, as her school Christmas program is this Friday evening. Her class is singing three songs — Joy to the World, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and the Chipmunk’s “Hang Up Your Stockings.” It should be very cute.



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