A Most Excellent Day

Today was a good day. A busy one, but a good one.

I think I’ve already mentioned that Timothy is now retaking the potty training course that we failed this summer. Considering that over the last few weeks he has started coming up to us and saying “i wet diaper, change me please” (sometimes with the offensive wet diaper in his hands!), we decided the time was right. So, after returning from our Thanksgiving travels, we restarted potty training bootcamp. Monday morning, I put him in some underwear and would ask him to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so. Then, it was time to go run a few errands before picking Emily up from school. So, I told him I wanted to put a pull-up on him for while we were out. He would have no part of that, because he is a “big boy!!” We were going to the post office, the library, and then to get Emily. So, I decided to risk it. I had him sit on the potty one more time, stuffed some extra clothes and some pull-ups into a bag, and we were on our way. He did great. No problems at all. For naptime, he consented to wearing a pull-up. After naptime, he put his underwear back on. Over the course of the next few hours, he had three accidents. All in all, it wasn’t bad for the first day. Tuesday was much the same as Monday, except only two accidents. Wednesday was accident free! He wet his pull-up at church, but he kept his underwear dry all day. This morning, he had one accident. And it was a stinky one. I caught him in the act and rushed him to the bathroom. Well, it was too late by then. So, I changed his pants and we went along with our day. About an hour later, I needed to run to the church before going to pick up Emily. Like Monday, he refused to wear a pull-up. So, I had him sit on the potty while I gathered what I needed to take to church. Before I had a chance to get Zachary into the van, I heard Timothy yell “I finished! I poopoo!” from the bathroom. And sure enough, he had. Way to go Timothy! And he was so proud of himself, he insisted that we call daddy and tell him right away. Luckily, we caught Scott between classes. After we got off the phone with daddy, Timothy wanted to tell Emily. I reminded him that she was at school and he said “call emi-mi school!” (He calls Emily “emi-mi”). I managed to convince him to wait to tell Emily his big news until he saw her, and we finally went to the church and then to get Emily. We’re delighted that he’s doing so well.

This evening, we took the children to see Santa. We met up with some friends from church, and spent the evening together. As soon as I find the adapter, I will upload the pictures. It was a lot of fun. After seeing Santa, we went to Leal’s for dinner (I am sure we used up all our weight watchers points on that meal!), and then to the Christmas parade. We missed the first half of the parade, but the kids got pockets full of candy and even got to see Santa again. It was a bit cold, but still a good time. The kids would chant “CANDY” at each float and when Santa was on his way, the chant changed to “SANTA.” After the parade, we headed over to Wayland for the American Family Christmas Concert. We stayed for about thirty minutes, as the children were ready to go home by then. It was a great way to kick off the Christmas season. Hopefully, we’ll get the house decorated and get Christmas cards in the mail soon. I’m already playing Christmas music every chance I get!

“Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her King!!”


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