Dirty Water

Last night was Emily’s school Christmas concert. It was so much fun! Emily’s class wore antler headbands and had little stockings on their wrists. They sang three songs. It was great! Four other groups sang too, but somehow they weren’t quite as good….

When we drew her bath to get her ready to go, we noticed the water was real cloudy. After checking it out a bit, we found out that all our tap water was cloudy. So, Scott called the city to see what was going on. Turns out that the city was flushing the hydrants while we were running the water, and we sucked in whatever they flushed out. Lovely. They told Scott to drain the water heater and run the tap water for 30 minutes. So we got to get ready to the sound of running water. While all this was happening, Scott was getting ready to go on the vision team retreat that he left for after the concert. The water wasn’t quite clear after 30 minutes, but is a bit clearer today.

The city really should have checked with us before flushing the hydrants…



2 thoughts on “Dirty Water

  1. How inconsiderate of the City not to check with you to see if you needed to run bathwater for your children. I wonder how many calls they got that day!
    I so enjoy your blogs. Makes me feel connected to your family. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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