I Really Should Have Known Better

I have a friend who tells me that she oftens has “duh!” moments. You know the ones I mean. It’s those moments when you realize that you did something foolish, and if you had really thought it through you would not have done it.

I had one of those moments just the other day. My extensive experience with one year olds really should have kicked in. Saturday afternoon, we had Zachary’s first birthday party. After breakfast that day, I bathed the children and got them dressed in their party clothes. I put Zachary in his brand new light blue sweat suit from Grandmama and Granddad. Not 10 minutes after getting dressed, he spit up a bit. Luckily, he didn’t get much on him. Time went on and he managed to stay pretty clean. After lunch, we laid him down for his nap. About 30 minutes before party time, I went to get him out of bed. As I opened the door to his room, I was greeted by a not so pleasant aroma. I’ll not get too graphic here. I’ll just leave it at saying that he was covered. We stripped him, rinsed him off, changed his clothes, put his clothes and bedsheets in the washer, sprayed air freshner, and lit a candle just in the nick of time for the party to begin. If I’d really thought it through, I would have waited to put him in his party clothes until after naptime. Oh well, you know what they say about hindsight.

Despite the messy beginning, the party went very well. The theme was One is Fun! The decorations had handprints and a cute little bald baby on them. We had the babyfaith DVD “God Made Me” playing. We were joined by Grandmother and Granddaddy, Zachary’s friend Jesse (who is 9 days younger than Zachary) and his family, Timothy’s friend Daniel and his family, Timothy’s friend Aubrey and her family, Emily’s friend Karissa and her family, and Emily’s friend Hannah. The grown-ups visited in the living room while the children played.

We started with games. The kids played a game of “Feed the Cupcake to the Baby” (a variation of pin the tail on the donkey), colored a little, played with Zachary’s new toy bowling game in the hallway, and played in Emily and Timothy’s room. Hannah won the game, but later admitted that she could see through the blindfold. Zachary and Jesse crawled around playing with everything they could get their hands on. The grown-ups played a game of “Guess How Many Cheerios Are In The Sippy Cup?” and “How Old Was Zachary The First Time He …” Scott got to entertain everyone by coming up with a equation to figure out who won the game.

After the games, we sang “Happy Birthday” and had cake. I made a round spice cake and 2 dozen spice cupcakes decorated with vanilla icing and sprinkles. We then arranged them in the shape of a handprint and the number 1. We had some animal crackers to snack on too. We served juice, hot cocoa, coffee, and apple cider to drink. Zachary made a fantastic mess with his first cupcake, and then wanted more!

After the cake, we opened the presents. Zachary got a toy phone and keychain, a dog that rattles and giggles when you squeeze its foot, a caterpillar pull toy that makes LOTS of noise, pajamas, a little people race track, and a spinning toy. Then we handed out the party favors and it was time for the party to be over.

This was a great way to celebrate Zachary’s first birthday. And I don’t have to plan another kid’s birthday party for 5 months!! Ah….




3 thoughts on “I Really Should Have Known Better

  1. I wonder who gave Zachary that caterpillar that makes lots of noise???? Oh, didn’t I tell you that you’re in charge of planning Karissa’s birthday party in March????????

  2. That caterpillar sings to us everytime we walk by it! It’s like it senses our presence. Scott has even made up a dance that we have to do everytime is plays its song… LOL He probably wouldn’t appreciate me sharing that.

    How about celebrating Karissa’s half birthday the same time we celebrate Emily’s birthday? She wouldn’t minding sharing her birthday party with Emily, would she?

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