Eso Si Que Es

I cannot stand to fold socks. It rates right up there with doing the dishes. It is because of this aversion to sock folding that we have a big basket full of socks sitting on our bedroom floor. They are all the socks that have accumulated from the last several loads of laundry. The rest of the clothes are put away, but the socks have been ignored. Not wanting to fold socks seems like an odd thing to blog about. I guess that is just because in the back of my mind, I know I should be folding socks. I am blogging to get out of it…

So, I’ll change the subject. When Grandmother and Granddaddy were here last weekend, we had Christmas with them. Timothy is now the proud owner of a wooden train set. It is really cool. I have decided the whole reason people have boys is so they can play with trains. Every day this week, Timothy has gotten out his “block train.” We have had such a great time making different shapes with the track and then seeing how fast the train can go without getting derailed. Surely this is a skill Timothy will be able to use in future careers. And I am sure Scott could figure out the optimal design for the track considering the pieces we have…

Emily received a Bride Barbie doll. She received the groom for her birthday. He has waited 3 1/2 months for his bride to arrive. He even has Prince Charming ready to be the Minister. Emily has created quite a drama between the bride and the other barbies (who I am assuming are the bridesmaids). I don’t believe the wedding has actually happened yet. I am sure it will be a grand event when it does…

Zachary is still getting used to all his new toys. For some reason everytime he starts playing with one, Emily and Timothy decide that they want to play with it too. Poor guy doesn’t know any different…

Alrighty, now this is a post worth reading. It’s about more than socks. In fact, it’s about my favorite subject. And now, Zachary has woken up from his nap so I have a more legitimate reason to avoid folding socks.



2 thoughts on “Eso Si Que Es

  1. I hate to fold socks, too. As a matter of fact, I hate to fold laundry. I hate to do laundry. Maybe that’s why there is a giant pile of dirty laundry in the floor by the washing machine…………

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