Locolate Nilk

This morning the children discovered that after eating all their cocoa puffs, they are left with chocolate milk. This delighted them. Timothy kept telling me over and over again how much he likes his “locolate nilk.” It was a fun little scene…

As I watched them get so excited about the chocolate, I remembered a song my brother used to sing. As a child, he was a member of the Fort Bend boys choir and the Texas boys choir. I don’t know if he still sings, but at one time he was quite good. So good, in fact, that he often sang solos at the concerts. One Christmas, they sang a song called “Chocolate In My Stocking.” In this song, a child is declaring that all he wants for Christmas is chocolate. It is a funny song and somehow I managed to memorize the words to it. I have been known to hum this song fairly often around Christmas time….

And then I remembered that I never properly blogged our Christmas adventures. So, I am going to do that now. Being employeed by a University, Scott has the good fortune of having a couple weeks off to celebrate Christmas. This allows us to have an extended visit with family….

We alternate where we spend Christmas day each year. This was the year to go to Canadian, so we headed up there on December 22nd with the van packed full of all the essentials needed to celebrate Christmas. We arrived mid-afternoon. Scott’s sister and her family arrived later that evening. Throughout the visit, Zachary showed off how well he can do what we have now started calling the Zachary Two-Step….

I am not sure why, but it was decided that we would open presents on the evening of the 23rd. After enjoying our traditional Christmas spread of shrimp, sandwiches, veggies, cheese, cheeseballs, chips, etc…. the opening began. We tore into those presents in no time! Emily was delighted to receive a cinderella doll whose hair she can curl, the Barbie Fairytopia movie, a porceline cinderella doll, a Barbie microphone, a Wal-Mart gift card (used to buy a Care Bear book, tights, and jeans), a McDonald’s gift card, and candy! Timothy got a My First Leap Pad (he had worn Emily’s out!), a set of snap-on blocks, a toy John Deere front-loader, a Doodle monster, a die cast porsche, a Wal-Mart gift card (used to buy Nemo pajamas, socks, and bulldozer tennis shoes), a McDonald’s gift card, and candy! Zachary, who by now we are sure thinks he should get a present every day since he gets to celebrate his birthday in December too, received a toy bus, a die cast porsche, clothes, a toy dump truck, a Wal-Mart gift card (used to buy pants, a shirt, some socks, and some peek-a-blocks), a McDonald’s gift card, and candy. Not long after the gifts were opened, the children were having a blast playing with all their stuff. Scott and I also made quite a haul. We got this really neat plaque that has the coat-of-arms and meaning of our names, a weather station, a mother’s ring (which should arrive next week!), books, pajamas, yummy smelling bath stuff, millionaires, and some delicious pumpkin bread. It was a real trick figuring out how to get it all into the van on the way home…

Christmas Eve brought with it more playing and visiting. It was unseasonably warm, so we were able to spend a lot of time outside. It was a funfilled day. And, of course, the children made and left out cookies for Santa!

Christmas morning the children were delighted to find the gifts that Santa had left for them. Emily got a Share Bear (a Care Bear that will read a story to her), a My Little Pony movie, Floam, an electronic soccer game, and a stocking full of chocolate! Santa brought Timothy some boy dress up clothes. Now instead of dressing up like a princess, he dresses up like a train conductor or a fireman. He also got a Dora Christmas movie, Dora & Diego figures, a See ‘n Say, and a stocking full of chocolate! Zachary got a Peek-A-Block Incrediblock, the Max Lucado book “Crippled Lamb,” a toy car, a See ‘n Say, and a stocking full of chocolate! What fun…
Later that day, we went to church for the Christmas worship service. We had a great time visiting with people we hadn’t seen in a while and worshipping together. We were all surprised at a slide show that had quite a few pictures of us! After worship, we went home and had a delicious meal…

The next day we went home. We did stop in Amarillo to visit Scott grandparents and give them their presents. Those visits went great. Zachary finally got to meet his Great Aunt n’Ida and her family. It was so good to see them…

We finally made it home by early evening. It’s always so nice to visit with family, but is also so nice to be home. We weren’t home long though. We headed to Granbury just two days later. I will tell the tale of that visit at another time. This post is getting awfully long!!



One thought on “Locolate Nilk

  1. It was great to finally meet Zach, and see how very much Emily and Timothy have grown. And what fun to watch all the little ones playing together. It takes me back to when all our kids were little and we’d have Christmas at Gran and Grandad’s. Time sure seems to have flown by.

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