Christmas Rocks

Timothy has a new fascination. Rocks. Everywhere we go, it is imperative (to him!) that he gets rock. Most of his pants don’t have pockets, so the rocks get carried around and left in various place around the house or van. Mom and Dad tell me that they have found 6 rocks around their house since we left last week.

Which reminds me, I have yet to give a report of the second half of our Christmas holidays…

We got home from Canadian on Monday evening. On Thursday, we headed to Granbury. During the two days at home, we did laundry and housework. Woop-ti-do. On our way to Granbury, we stopped in Lubbock to pick up Zachary’s 1 year pictures from Sears and went to order some foam inserts for our bed. Our water bed has lost it’s appeal. It cost less to get foam inserts to replace the water tubes than it would cost to get a new bed. Hopefully, those inserts will come in soon. It’ll be nice to be done with the water tubes. Anyway, because of our errands in Lubbock, it ended up taking about 8 hours to get to Granbury. We arrived in time for dinner. By the time everything was unloaded, it was time for bed.

On Friday, we took a trip to the Granbury square and did some shopping. As part of her Christmas present from Grandmother and Granddaddy, Emily was treated to a shopping spree at Bealls. She got several new outfits for church and school. After getting back to the house, she had a great time modeling all the new clothes.

On Saturday, we were joined by Granny and mom’s brother and family for lunch. It had been a couple years since I’ve seen them, and I really enjoyed being able to catch up with them. They left not long after lunch.

We attempted to let Emily and Timothy ring in the new year with us, but they ran out of steam by about 10:30. Zachary had gone down for a late nap, and ended up waking up around 10:30 wanting something to eat. So, he got to ring in the New Year with us. We were playing 42 when the ball dropped. I think Zachary is starting to get the hang of it!

LD and Nicole came over on Sunday. After visiting with them for a while, it was time to pack up and go. We finally made it home just past midnight.

Since I’ve listed what Christmas presents we received when in Canadian, I feel I should give a quick rundown of what we received when we exchanged gifts when mom and dad were in town for Zachary’s birthday. Emily had received a Bride barbie doll, a Hello Kitty sticker maker, and a new outfit. Timothy got a wooden train, a nice shirt, and a big wheel. Zachary got a tunnel and a Chicken dance Ernie. Scott and I got portable CD players, a gizmo can opener, a meat thermometer, and some cash that we used to buy a photo printer, a wireless router, and our foam inserts.

We really had a wonderful Christmas / New Years celebration. We are so glad we were able to spend it with family. 🙂

A low point of the holidays occurred after we returned home and learned the mother of a friend of mine from high school had been killed in a car accident when travelling to Midland from Amarillo on Sunday. It breaks my heart to think what this family is going through at this time. I know this family would appreciate your prayers.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Rocks

  1. Like father, like son! Scott was fasinated by rocks, too, when he was little. We had rocks everywhere! Don’t know if he remembers, but he had to have his “rock collection.” Made me smile to hear that about Timothy, too.

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