Stirring up dust bunnies

Not a good idea when you already have a slight cold…

In order to increase our cash flow in order to pay for Emily’s various activities (as talked about in Scott’s new blog), we have decided to take the various baby items that we no longer need and sell them to Once Upon A Child in Lubbock. So, last night we dug everything out of the garage and attic and did some cleaning. It’s about $850 worth of stuff (when brand new), and I must say they look very good. We’re hoping to get at least 30% of that. They did have a nice layer of dust all over them, which has made my slight cold intensify quite a bit. Hopefully some cold medicine will knock it all out!

The great experiment in moving the boys in together has been interesting. We’re still working through the kinks of the schedule. Zachary sure enjoys having a roommate to talk to / keep up during naptime, and Timothy is more than happy to oblige his little brother to some mid afternoon playtime. Timothy has discovered that if he pushes his spider man step stool across the room to Zachary’s crib, he can actually get in the crib with Zachary. I really should be armed with the camera every time I go into the room. Emily’s room is a bit of a sore spot right now. I need to get in there and finish taking the baby stuff off the walls, but her floor is littered with toys. That makes it hard to make it to the walls. It’s been good for her to have a place to put all her stuff, but I would really prefer it is she would actually put her stuff in it’s place! Not that she’s had much time to do that. In the meantime, we’ve had fun forming a wishlist of all the things she wants to decorate her room with.

Ah choo….


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