A day with Timo

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to head to Oklahoma City to watch the basketball teams of Wayland take on those of Oklahoma Christian. It’s a well known fact to those around me that I am only an occasional sports fan, but that didn’t stop me from riding along with a friend of mine for 5 hours to and from Oklahoma City. Not to take anything away from the interesting conversation had with that friend, the true highlight of the day was our little guest. I decided it would be a hoot to take Timothy along with us. Emily had a cheerleading obligation so she couldn’t make it. Lori agreed to stick around Plainview with Emily and the Zach, hanging out with a friend of her’s all day.

Here’s what I learned from Timothy on our trip to OK City:
1. If you want to keep your underwear dry on a long trip, you must “go potty” at least 10 times each way.
2. Bubble gum is only worth chewing if you can play with it. “How do you play with gum”, you ask? Well, simple first get it all over your hands. Then once your dad cleans that all up you can use what’s left to pick up dirt off the floor around the basketball court. It adds texture.
3. Sleep when your tired and don’t let the shouts, whistles or scoreboard buzzer keep you from it.
4. Headphones are tasty.
5. Burger King isn’t supposed to let you have substitute a salad for fries on the value menu. But they will if your son is cute enough.

Over all, I had a great time bonding with my oldest son. He’s stilll about the funniest fella I’ve ever met.


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