Must We Rehearse?

According to the weather man, it is 61 degrees with 12 mph winds. That’s about as calm as the wind gets around here, so I opted to spend some time outdoors this afternoon. We’ve all been going a bit stir crazy lately, so this has made for a nice change of pace. I am sitting here in our porch swing watching all three kids play in the sandbox. We got the sandbox when Emily was 2 years old. I would say that is one toy that we definitely have gotten our moneys worth out of! I am really quite surprised that Zachary is not eating sand.

Anyway, when we got out here Emily asked me who has the closest birthday. I told her that Granddaddy had one last weekend and that Aunt Nicole has one next week. She explained that she meant in our family. Rather than going through the explanation that Granddaddy and Aunt Nicole are in our family, I told her that mine is the next birthday. It’s 5 weeks away.

So, she held up a fish shaped cup and a big square bucket and asked if I want a big fish party or a big square party. Aside from the fact that a big square party doesn’t sound just real great, I decided to go with a big fish party. The deciding factor was that the Tim Burton movie “Big Fish” is one of my new favorite movies. Maybe I will get to watch it at my party. Once it was decided what kind of party I was having, Emily proceded to fill her fish cup with sand. She then asked the dreaded question, “how old are you going to be mama? 30?” I quickly let her know that I will be 29, so she started putting sticks in her “cake.” After putting 4 sticks in there, she informed me that 29 was too many candles so 4 would have to do. I couldn’t agree more. So, happy birthday to me 5 weeks early…



4 thoughts on “Must We Rehearse?

  1. If it were only that simple. But if I’d stayed 29……………..just think of the wonderful life I’d have missed. Nope, wouldn’t trade 53 for 29 any day of the month!

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