Mamma Mia’s

Last post of the morning, I promise.

Our “Mr. Gatti’s” has recently changed names. The Mom and Pop that had taken over changed it to Mamma Mia’s. Everything is different, but really very little has changed. They had to change everything just enough so it wouldn’t be Mr. Gatti’s anymore. Scott is not happy with this change. He describes their spaghetti sauce as not-quite Mr. Gatti’s. There’s just something a little different about it. Since changing our beloved Mr. Gatti’s to Mamma Mia’s, Mom and Pop have moved on and a new owner has taken over. I wonder what changes he’ll make.

Timothy is very pleased with Mamma Mia’s. I suspect because it is fun and easy to say. Anytime we ask him what he wants to eat, he always responds “Mamma Mia’s with …” followed by the name of one of Emily’s friends. In fact, he just declared that is what he wants for breakfast. It’s not going to happen…



3 thoughts on “Mamma Mia’s

  1. It’s not just the spaghetti that’s off. All the food is like taking a good thing and making it all just a little worse. Except for one thing: the Ranch Dressing on the salad bar is now AWESOME. That’s enough to keep me coming back. (Lucky Timo)

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