Screams That Would Wake the Dead

Though that’s not the problem …

Poor Emily.

This morning, she told me that her finger hurt. When we picked her up from school yesterday, she had a splinter in her finger. Scott had gotten it out, so I told her it was probably just from that. A few minutes later, she came to tell me that it still hurts and that there is a brown spot on it. Closer examination revealed another splinter. I told her to go tell Scott. When he got yesterday’s out, she said it didn’t even hurt. She is a drama queen and had made quite a production out of it in her school parking lot, but in the end it didn’t even hurt. After she told Scott about the splinter, she came back into the living room sobbing because Scott had said this splinter was in pretty deep so he was going to need a straight pin.

In an effort to help her relax while he was gathering the alcohol and straight pin, she and I began reading her library book, “Kitten’s First Full Moon.” They are studying the letter K at school, so that is the book she chose when we went to the library on Monday. While we were reading, Scott came in with the alcohol and pin. Emily immediately began screaming and kicking. Despite threats of having a green finger and having to get her finger removed, she was not going to let Scott and his straight pin anywhere near her finger. I can’t say that I blame her.

I’ve not mentioned that Emily was the only child awake at this point. There had not been a peep from the boys room. As we are attempting to hold Emily down to get the splinter out, the door opens and out comes Timothy proclaiming that he needs to go to the bathroom. Zachary is screaming from the confines of his crib. Wonderful, just what we all needed…

We did manage to calm Emily enough to get her splinter out. I am really hoping the screaming hissy fits that she has been having lately will stop eventually.

She’s gone to school now. Zachary is quiet again. Timothy is running around the living room driving the dogs crazy. We’ve already packed a lot of drama into this morning and I’ve only been up for an hour! The splinter situation all started about 20 minutes after I woke Emily up. I woke her up singing “it’s a happy day!” Her response? “Why is it a happy day?” I had just convinced her that it can be a happy day when she discovered that her finger hurt …

Poor Emily.



3 thoughts on “Screams That Would Wake the Dead

  1. The Swiss Army Knife is the thing. The point is not sharp (and does not go through the thumb) and the tweezers are always handy. My kids never cried from stickers–well, maybe my daughter did during the preparation. After removal, kill the bacteria with Betadine. My mother told me to never use brass pins because they were poison or infected or something. I never questioned it and still include brass along with mercury and lead in the category of metals that are harmful to humans.

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