New Category: Family Words

I am adding a new category that will propose additions or changes to the dictionary. Take your choice who you would like to use:
1. Merriam-Webster
3. Cambridge
(or google search: dictionary)
They are all incomplete! Can you believe it?

For example, they are missing a couple of my favorite words of the week:
1. Hajiba: The sound my wife makes when especially startled. For example, when I am not slowing down fast enough and the car in front of us has stopped.

2. Dostupy: Somewhat synonomous with stupid but a creative usage invented by my mother and I when I was a child and still makes both of us laugh when we hear it.

3. Lellow: means yellow but I prefer the pronunciation my boy Timothy has created.

4. Taco Buddy: not a spokesman for taco bell and an alternate pronunciation of “Thank You” that my daughter used extensively before she was two.

5, Ginormous: Not gigantic, not enormous, but even larger. Typically used as hyperbole. For example, “Timothy busted his lip and it’s ginormous.”
(Actually, that was a week ago and he’s fine now.)

There are many more to come in future posts in this category. Stay tuned.


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