Tax Day

I know the words “tax day” can invoke a myriad of emotions. Some consider that to be an ugly phrase and put off filling out their 1040 until the latest possible moment. Not us. I know we won’t always feel this way, but tax day is a day of celebration around here. We file as soon as we get all the necessary forms. We are always thankful for our three little blessings, but especially at tax time.

Yesterday at lunch, Scott brought home the last form that we needed. I spent the afternoon using the online versions of TaxACT and TurboTAX to fill out our 1040. We use both so we can check our work and then e-file with TaxACT since it’s free. When Scott got home, he helped fill in the gaps and double checked my work. This morning, I filed the 1040. We’ll be receiving a nice refund in a couple weeks, assuming I did everything right. I don’t think we’ve ever done it right the first time we filed. Hopefully we did everything right this time. I guess that’s another good reason to file in February!

Last night when we saw how much we would be getting back, Scott and I started discussing how we would spend it. I am quite proud that instead of going on and on about all the things we’d like to buy, we are going to be responsible and use this to get ourselves out of the hole we’ve found ourselves spiraling into lately. We’re growing up. I guess it’s about time…



2 thoughts on “Tax Day

  1. We’re the same way. We’re waiting for Russ’ paperwork to get here and then I’m filing immediately. We plan to buy Damaris’ new school curriculum, a few things we need for the house, & new glasses with the money and then the rest is being used to pay off some bills.

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