Personal Trainers

I am so spoiled. I have not one but three personal trainers. As our youngest has developed into a full blown walker, my activity level has increased significantly. I spend my days helping Zachary get out of places that he thought he would fit through, getting Zachary and Timothy down from stools, chairs, tables…, responding to requests to play Superman with Timothy, playing ball with Emily, Timothy, and Zachary, and helping Emily retrieve items from behind her dresser or under her bed. The activity points calculator on my Weight Watcher’s Chart is blank, because they didn’t have a listing for “regular mommy activities” on the website. It’s wears me out, but it seems to be helping because I am still losing weight. I’m down 23 lbs since Thanksgiving, and it’s almost time to pull out the clothes that we’ve put in boxes marked “Lori’s Skinny Clothes.”

Last night after playing Superman for a bit, Timothy bounced on my lap and declared “I Like This Game Mommy!” It is so much more important to me that I find the time to play with the kids than finding time to go for a walk or ride the stationery bike. And, it’s a lot more fun too!



3 thoughts on “Personal Trainers

  1. Great Job! And the Benefits are Excellent! Congratulations! Sounds like Christmas and all thae eating didn’t wreck your efforts too bad. Would love to see y’all!

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