A new haysack

Our Christmas present to ourselves is finally in. We’ve had a waterbed in our room for some time, but over time we’ve had several leaks in the water tubes that are inside the bed. Several times over the last few years, I’ve awoken in a puddle of water, and no, I do NOT have a “nightime problem.” We decided it was time to get rid of the water tubes. Fortunately, they make a set of foam or spring inserts for the bed that can replace these water tubes. We ordered a set just of the foam ones before Christmas and they finallly came in this week. We just made a quick trip to Lubbock to pick them up. Tonight we get to test it out and see how we sleep. After some preliminary tests, I think Lori and I are both VERY pleased. My back will have the final say, though.


One thought on “A new haysack

  1. Hope it works very well for you! I know what a difference a good bed makes. Oh, by the way. We’re going over to Gran & Granddad’s today to see how Granddad is doing after his hernia surgery.

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