More words for the week

I had a few more recollections of words that I’d like to document for my own reference and your reading pleasure. By the way, thanks for the comments from the paternal ones that added a couple of good ones as well: “afixiator” and “inheditary”. Nice!

1. Nicknames (try to guess who is who): Bob, Loogie, Moose, Mimi, Bubba, Timo, Timbob, Buddy, Z, Zachobob, Tons of fun, Lamo, Cracker, Luby lou, Ray Ray. (FYI: In case it is not obvious, there are multiple names for some of us.)

2. Oots: Lori insisted that we stock up on Fruit Loops this week which reminded me of one of my first words as a child. “OOOOOOTS!” I’m told I would hollar this from my crib, which is my way of begging for more Fruit Loops.

3. Awadee: Two year old Emily’s second most important item to take along with us everywhere we went. This is was she called her water bottle.

4. DeeDee: I’m not sure if this is how we would spell it but this was definitely the most important item to take along with us. This was a name created out of the blue for one of her blankets. She had one with a Tweety Bird on it so we think it might be an attempt at the name of Tweety, but she always insisted that her rainbow colored blanket was the Deedee and the Tweety blanket was simply, “blanket.”

Those are a bit dated but still worth remembering. I am beginning to realize that with Timothy’s lack of speech until so late, and because of the fact that he is now so deliberate with what he does say, we have very few new words created by our little Timo. Nevertheless, he still comes up with some treasures on occasion. Like a few nights ago, Timo created the game “Mr. Ja-jama Man!”. And, though not a creative word, he had a great response to my question, “How smart are you?” Answer: “Good . . . TWO!”



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