And then there was one …

I did a brilliant thing today. I took all three of the kids to the store by myself. Things were going fairly smoothly when one of the clerks asked if it would be okay if she gave the kids a Super Bowl balloon. I am not one to turn down something that is free and the kids can never turn down a balloon, so I said okay. BIG mistake! The lady came back with three balloons — a Seahawk one, a Steelers one, and a Super Bowl one. The balloons were weighed down with a small bag of M&M’s. I spent the next 15 minutes or so at the store pushing the balloons out of my face and retrieving the balloons each time the kids dropped them. I finally tied the balloons to the cart so things would be a bit easier.

After we had picked up everything we needed, we headed over to the check out line. I got two of the balloons off the cart and handed them to Emily and Timothy. Soon, the inevitable happened. Timothy had gotten the bag of M&M’s open and was having a treat. Rather than waiting for him to dump the M&M’s on the floor, I took the M&M bag off his balloon and handed his balloon back to him. All this time, Emily was running around trying to see how close she could get her balloon to the ceiling. All I wanted was for the checker to finish so I could get out of there. Zachary was sucking his thumb and just taking it all in from his seat on the cart. His day will come …

The next thing I knew, Timothy is screaming at the top of his lungs “my balloon! my balloon!” and pointing at the ceiling where his balloon was resting just out of reach. I tried to jump up to grab it, but couldn’t reach it. The sacker also tried, but was unable. So, I lifted the hysterical two year old and we left the store.

About two minutes after being buckled into his carseat, Zachary was asleep. So, I passed his balloon back to a still-sobbing Timothy. This cheered him up long enough to get to Scott’s office. Scott’s lunch plans had changed, so he had called wanting to have lunch with us (the highlight of my morning!). So, we picked Scott up and headed to Quizno’s for lunch. You’ll never guess what happened when we got to Quizno’s. As we opened the door to the van, Zachary’s balloon went flying out.

So, we are left with a Steeler’s balloon. Typical …



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