Da Boys.

It was a night for just the guys. Lori and Emily had things to do away from the house from 5:00 until about 8:00. That left Daddy alone on the floor with Timo and Z-bob for a good 3 hours. We went through several games ranging from Whack a Zach with Daddy’s Sock to Don’t Eat Me Daddy. One of us did not enjoy that first one so much. We did lots of tickling and lots of rolling and lots of tumbling and running into each other. To say the least, I am now EXHAUSTED!!! Despite all the fun, it sure does take a lot out of me. I guess I could have spent the time cleaning house and yelling at the boys to stop messing it up, but this was so much more fun. In the end, Timothy taught me a few words I didn’t know so here goes a few more additions to the dictionary:

1. Fish my Belly: You probably know this better as the Zerbert, thanks to Bill Cosby but really it is from this day forth, the Fish my Belly, Daddy. Technically, it sounds more like Fpbfbf my Belly, that’s harder to communicate. If you don’t know what a zerbert is, just try to sound out Fpbfbf and you should get the idea.

2. Blankelet: Just about every other word out of Timo’s mouth tonight was in reference to his Nemo Blankelet. It’s simply a synonym for blanket that rolls off the toungue much easier.

3. Locolate: I love this one too. Let’s just stick “L”s in every word to make the much more elloquent. Locolate = Chocolate.

4. Emily’s: Sure, you think you know what this means. It would have to be referring to all those things that he shouldn’t be playing with in his sister’s room but no. These happen those locolate candies the rest of us call M & M’s. Ain’t that great!

In summary, my boys are awesome.


7 thoughts on “Da Boys.

  1. Not the least bit prejudice are you!

    Here’s a couple for you:

    Steralized: Now you might think this means to have made germ free. But, then you would have been wrong, Actually it’s 4 year old Maliki’s word for Baptized (ir: We went to Leoti Sunday to see Shane get steralized)

    Popomonkey: Jolee Pope Monkey. (what Jolee calls herself)

    Here’s to awesome kids!

  2. What a great Dad you are! And yes they are awesome!

    Here’s one:
    Par-mhewn: Traci’s word for perfume when she was little. She always wanted to wear par-mhewn.

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  4. I love your word list, how I look forward to those beautiful whimsical sounds. My little one….”geeee” translation: I crawled around the corner and found mommy. “geeee” translation: the dog, the dog, oh how I love the dog. “dereee” traslation: not real sure. Kudos to all the loving parents out there interpreting thier kiddos.

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