Girls Night

Since Scott blogged about his night with the boys, I suppose I should report what we were doing while they were going through several games ranging from Whack a Zach with Daddy’s Sock to Don’t Eat Me Daddy. Emily didn’t come up with new words for the family dictionary, but we did have a fun time together.

Because we had so much going on, we had dinner at 4:30. Quite honestly, there was no other time to eat because we were booked from 5:00 to 7:30. Because Emily is prone to tummy aches at night, we are trying not to eat dinner to close to bedtime.

First, we went to her ballet school. When she got dropped off at home on Monday, we were reminded that she needed to order her dance costumes. I really thought sending the costume fee to her lesson would suffice for this, but thought I’d better pay a visit to the school just to be sure. Three other moms and I rotate taking the girls to dance practice. It’s a good arrangement, though I fear that we miss out on certain announcements. Our daughters don’t always do the best job at passing the needed information along. So, when I was told that we still needed to order costumes I was a bit confused. Especially since I had just sent the costume fee in that night. So, I asked Emily if her teacher had measured her yet. She said no, so I thought I’d better take her with me when I went clear things up. Anyway, to make a long story short, we go to her ballet school and the head of the school said she was just wanting to make sure we were staying in dance. She had not received our costume fee yet, so she was wondering. There has been a change in teacher this month, so I guess they’ve lost some of the girls because of that. Emily absolutely loves the new teacher, so I assured the head of the dance school that Emily had given the money to the teacher the night before and that Emily would be staying in at least until the end of the school year. It’s too early to make such decisions about next year.

Next, Emily had Upward cheerleading practice at the church. Because she did not need to be measured at the dance school, we ended up arriving at the Family Life Center about 15 minutes early. So, Emily decided she wanted to play the game with the little white ball and the people that you move around to hit the ball. It took me a second to realize she meant foosball. She’d never played before, so I gave her a few instructions and we started playing. Foosball is a pretty complicated game for a five year old, and I really did try to go easy on her. But, it wasn’t long before I had scored a couple points against her. As we were playing, one of her cheerleading coaches had come in and started watching us play. Poor Emily was pretty upset that she was losing, so the coach decided to team up with her. This made things a bit more balanced and they started scoring against me. Not much longer, one of Emily’s best friends came in and started watching too. She informed me that her mom (the head cheerleading coach) would be late because she had to go home to get something. So, I invited her to join my team. Things were going pretty well for my team. It helped that Emily kept moving the score keeping things around and giving us extra points. Soon, Emily’s other bestest friend came in so we invited her to join the team. At this point, I think we learned that there is such a thing as too many five year olds on a team. Especially the two on my team. Both of these girls are very sweet, but are also (how can I put this nicely) very strong leaders. We got the score figured out and we soon lost. Oh well. Emily was excited. She rarely wins when competing in games against these two particular girls, so it was good for her ego. The other girls didn’t seem phased at all. Now it was time to go to practice. While the girls were at practice, I sat and visited with a friend for a little while. Then, she had to go to a meeting so I was left to just wait for a bit longer. If I had been thinking, I would have a brought a book to read. Oh well, it was nice to just sit for a bit anyway.

Okay, after cheerleading we headed over to a PCA basketball game. I have set a goal to attend one event for each of my Acteens. I have 9 girls coming, and so far I have made it to events for 4 of them. Three of them aren’t really involved in any special events, so really I only have two more to go to. Anyway, last night was a basketball game for one of the those Acteens. Since it was at Emily’s school, she thought it was pretty neat to get to go. That is, until we got there. She very quickly got bored. Seems like she is taking after her father and just simply does not like basketball. That’s pretty funny considering that she cheers at basketball games every weekend. Soon, our new youth minister came in with his 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter. His daughter is in mission friends with Emily, so I encouraged Emily to go play with her. At first she refused, proclaiming that she is shy. More and more lately, she has been developing a shy side. She did eventually decide to color with the 4 year old, and then was quite disappointed when it was time to leave.

After the game, we came back home. As we pulled into the driveway, Emily said “I do believe they are watching a movie.” Turns out that she had guessed wrong. They were sitting in the middle of the living floor. Timothy and Zachary were climbing all over daddy. It looked like a fun game. Zachary seemed less than pleased that Timothy was climbing on him. He quickly pulled himself out of the huddle and came to greet me and Emily.

It was a fun night, but I really looking forward to staying home as a family one of these nights.



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