Poppy the Apple

We had apple slices with our lunch today. Timothy was talking to his apples, so I asked him what he was doing. He held up one of the apple slices and said, “Dis Poppy. Poppy the Apple.” Then he held up another and said “Dis You. You the Apple.” Then he held up yet another and said “Dis Daddy. Daddy the Apple.” Then, he held up his final slice and said “Dis Scott. Scott the Apple.” He had created a family of apples. I don’t know where the name Poppy came from. We don’t have a Poppy in the family.

A little while later Timothy said, “Mama. I eat your head. See?” and held up half of the apple slice that represented me….



3 thoughts on “Poppy the Apple

  1. Scott, I often wondered that about you when you were content to play with sticks or anything handy or even just your fingers. Imagination is wonderful, especially in little chil’ren.

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