Escort and Glorify

Did you know that Lori and I get together and have lunch almost every Thursday and its almost just the two of us? Timothy is at school all day on Thursdays. Emily eats at her school on Thursdays. Zachary usually just keeps quiet. It’s amazing how quiet one kid is when there are usually three vying for attention. So per the advise of a couple of commenters on my other blog, Natural Blogarithms, we arrange a date every Thursday. Sometimes out, sometimes at home, but almost always together.

Nice! So, I’m off to date my wife.


3 thoughts on “Escort and Glorify

  1. We’ve tried to do this once a week, sometimes just the two of us, other times with our 4-year-old. I just realized that when we start home-schooling, there will be no free time during the day. At the very least, we do try to reserve a couple of late evenings each week for relaxing on the couch and watching a movie together.

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