How Can I Stay Mad At Him?

It’s no wonder that two-year-olds are often referred to as Terrible Twos. They think they are big enough to do things on their own, but they just don’t have the coordination to do some things. Then, they get frustrated and have such a hard time communicating that frustration. It’s a vicious cycle. We got lucky with Emily. Her independent streak didn’t hit until she turned four. Of course, it helped that she was an only child through most of her two-year-old year. We were more than happy to just do everything for her.

Timothy is quite a different two-year old from his sister. Maybe it’s a boy thing or a middle child thing, but he is keeping us on our toes. This morning, he and Zachary were playing in their bedroom. I was in the kitchen planning our weekly menu. After they had been playing for a bit, I heard Zachary scream. After he didn’t stop after a few minutes (he is our third child!), I thought I’d better check it out. The poor guy had two ping-pong ball sized bumps on either side of his forehead (one of which was bleeding) and some red spots on his cheeks. After getting Zachary cleaned up and calmed down, I asked Timothy what happened.

He wasn’t talking. I asked him if Zachary fell down, he shook his head. I asked him if he hit Zachary, again he shook his head. I asked if he had thrown a toy car at Zachary, and he nodded his head in the affirmative. I am not completely convinced that is what happened, but did give Timothy a stern talking-to about throwing toys. Zachary is fine now. The swelling has gone down and most of the red marks are gone. Nonetheless, I am going to think twice before letting them play alone in their room again.

All that happened before 10:00 this morning. The last 4 hours have gone much more smoothly. I even went grocery shopping with all three kids, and that went surprisingly well. At 1:30, I tucked Timothy in bed for his nap and told him I loved him. Because Timothy has a little trouble napping, Zachary sleeps in the play yard in our bedroom. Not long after I had left Timothy, he started screaming “ma ma! ma ma!”

I go in there and this is the conversation we had:
“What is it Timothy?”
“I love you too, ma ma”
“Thank you. You’re a good boy. Now go to sleep.”
“I good little bit big boy. I go to sleep. You a good mama. You sleep in the living room.”
“That’s right Timothy. See you later.”
“I love Lemily. Lemily loves me too. She a good little bit big girl. I love Daddy. Daddy loves me too. He a good bi-i-ig boy. I love Cramer Lucy. Cramer Lucy love me too. I love the walls. The walls loves me too. I love the door. The door loves me too. I love Zachary. Zachary loves me too. He a good little boy,”
“Okay, Timothy. See you later.”

Even though I know he was attempting to delay naptime, it was still a very sweet moment. I just checked on him and he’s asleep. Surely this is not the same little boy that pummeled his little brother with cars this morning.



2 thoughts on “How Can I Stay Mad At Him?

  1. I like where Zachary ranks in the whole scheme things. Mommy, Emily, Daddy, the dogs, the walls, the door, and then, Zach. No wonder he throws toys at him. But at the very least, he does love him.

  2. Someday, Zachary will be taller and bigger than Timothy and Timothy will be sorry he was so mean to his baby brother. Just ask my also, in the middle, cousin Jeremy. Ofcourse my baby sister towers over me with glee…it’s just so annoying. I can still beat her up though.

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