As usual, Zachary fell asleep before getting home from picking Emily up from school. Emily and I were late for meeting some friends at a tea room for lunch, so I put Zachary in his bed and said goodbye to Timothy and Scott. When Emily and I returned home an hour and a half later, Zachary was still asleep and Timothy was still awake. That was the reverse of what I expected. I know better than to wake a sleeping baby, so I now have to figure out where to put Timothy down for a nap.

The obvious solution is to let Timothy sleep on our bed. Except … it’s laundry day which means there are piles of clothes all over our bed. Rather than cleaning off the bed, I opted to have Timothy rest on the living room couch. Tonight, the kids will be going to Parent’s Night Out at the church so it really would not effect me if he napped or not. It’ll be the childcare worker’s problem!

About two minutes after sitting down to read a little email, the phone rings. I answered it in hushed tones in order to avoid bothering Timothy who was being very obedient laying on the loveseat. About ten minutes later, I look over and notice he is asleep. What a good boy! I never once had to tell him to lay down and be still.

I am now enjoying an odd moment around here. Zachary is still asleep. It will soon be three hours since I laid him down. I imagine when he wakes up, he will be plenty hungry considering that he fell asleep before lunch. Timothy is snoozing on the loveseat. Emily is reading and coloring very quietly in her bedroom.

What am I doing while they are resting? Why, I am doing what all the experts in all the books say to do! I am relaxing too! I will get to work on the laundry soon. For now, I am being quiet…

Now shhhhhh!


Update — 10 minutes after posting this, Timothy rolled off the couch. Of course, he did not go back to sleep. Oh well, the hour nap he got is about an hour more than usual!


3 thoughts on “Shhhh!

  1. Awwwwwww……next time turn the couch around so Timo can’t roll off, or do what I do and throw all the clean clothes on some piece of exercise equipment…which reminds me-I really like that new piece of equipment by Body by Jake…it would make a really good towel holder….

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