Your Daughter Is Waiting

We went to Wal-Mart tonight to pick up a couple things we needed. While we were there, we remembered that each of the kids had $5 from Valentine money to spend. So, we went over to the toy section so the kids could make a selection. Emily was with me. She decided she only wanted to spend $3 so she could save the other two. She picked out a toy wand, some bead necklaces, and a ribbon twirler. Happy with her selection, we set off to find the boys. Timothy had chosen a Superman action figure and Zachary was playing with a bath toy. After wandering around the toy section for a bit longer, we decided it was time to leave. As we headed toward the front of the store, we noticed that Timothy no longer had his Superman. We asked him where it was, and he said “I lost it?” and held his arms out. This has been a common answer when we ask him where anything is.

So, we retraced our steps and went looking for Superman. It wasn’t long before Timothy declared he did not want Superman, and he chose to get a car instead. After Timothy had made his selection, I asked Scott where Emily was. She had been hanging out by the Barbie stuff last we’d seen her. So, we walked around the toy aisles looking for her. Then, we heard it …

“Lori Franklin. Please come to Register 19. Your Daughter is Waiting.”

So, I went to retreive her from Register 19. All was fine.

A little later, we asked her what happened. She said that she noticed that we were not looking at the Barbie stuff with her, so she started walking around calling out for us. Someone noticed that she was looking for us, so they took her to the front of the store to have us paged.

Emily does not generally wander off at the store. We think it probably scared her more when she had to go to the front of the store than it did when she noticed we weren’t on the Barbie aisle with her.

It didn’t help my nerves that Scott and I watched Flight Plan last night. I think in the future we will have her sit in the cart while we do our shopping…



3 thoughts on “Your Daughter Is Waiting

  1. See, in my family, I’m the one who gets lost. Karissa tells me over and over again to tell her and Dada where I am going so they will know where I’m at.

    Poor Emily. Poor Lori. Poor Scott. Poor Superman. At least this will be a great story to tell her future husband, Welly……

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