The last few days has introduced a whole slew of new parenting challenges. I don’t quite know where I stand on handling all of these, but, to say the least, it’s always an adventure.

1. The clingy daughter: Emily has, over the last few days, decided that she doesn’t ever want Daddy to leave. I don’t know if she’s been this way with Mommy, but when I have been around her for just a little while and I need to leave, she gives hugs and refuses to let go. If we do finally pry her off, she is very very sad. It’s not quite the same as the separation anxiety of when she was a toddler but more along the lines of she doesn’t seem to like spending only a half-hour together at lunch before I have to leave, or a half-hour at dinner before church starts on a Wednesday. I really think that all her evening activities are getting to her. I am glad that this week was the last week of Cheerleading so Tuesdays are now free again. I think we’ll make those a family night!

2. The rebel son: Timothy has developed a couple of stubborn habits that need to be nipped in the bud. First of all, last night at church, he’s become one of those kids that like to escape from the nursery. Mommy believes its just because he knows the church so well (after all, Mommy works there); he feels the freedom to wander. There is one other girl who is a big handful and often does this sort of thing, so he’s got to try to keep up with her of course. He also does a new thing where he thinks that if he asks something enough times we’ll give in. EX: I want a cookie…No… I want a cookie… No sir … I want a cookie, please… No, you are not getting a cookie… Please… Timothy let’s play a game… I want a cookie….Argh!! My instinct wants to thump him on the head.

3. The haircut: This one is no one’s fault (but maybe my own) but I can’t seem to use the clippers on either the boys or myself without clipping an ear and making it bleed. Poor Zachary! But his hair looks good!

I’m done complaining. From here, Mommy and I shall launch a parenting strategy discussion. That should get us to sleep soon.


4 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Done the clingy child thing — I kind of liked it. Done the continuous asking thing — still do. Never attempted cutting my child’s hair. I haven, however, become darn good at putting her hair up in a pony tail.

  2. Shhh…. don’t tell anyone we have set aside a night for family night. Something that just can’t be missed may come along.

    Why is it that, as soon as we think we have this parenting thing figured out, they throw us a curve ball?


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