You can take the girl things out of the room, but …

the boy will still want to play with them.

The great experiement of moving Emily into her big girl room has gone fairly smoothly. There are still some finishing touches that need to be done to the decor, but it is mostly done. Emily is thoroughly enjoying her princess room, complete with a canopy bed. I am enjoying that she is doing such a great job straightening the room at the end of each day.

One of the benefits that Scott was hoping to come of this change is that Timothy would stop playing with Barbies and dressing up as a pink fairy. I know this sounds stereotypical, but there are cars of all sizes lining the walls of their room. There are three different kinds of lego blocks in various places around the room. It is a boys’ paradise, complete with a wooden train. I guess it’s working a bit, as when we tell Timothy to get any toy he wants to take with him, he always runs to get a car or a block. Nonetheless, I have caught Timothy sneaking into Emily’s room on occasion to check on the baby dolls. Considering that Timothy’s idea of playing with his cars or block sometimes involved throwing them at his younger brother, I don’t mind so long as he doesn’t mess her room up too much.

Still, no matter how much Scott tries to make Timothy more masculine, Timothy still makes some choices that Scott may find questionable. For example, at Wal-Mart today I gave Timothy a choice of Princess poptarts or Nemo poptarts. His pick? You guess it! The Princess poptarts. Then, on the way home from picking Emily up from school, I asked them if they wanted to watch a movie after lunch. Timothy immediately started yelling out, “I watch Barbie magic fairytopia!!” So, that’s what they are watching.

I am not worried about Timothy’s “sensitive” side. I remember a story about Scott doing some rather girly things as a child, and he certainly turned out okay. And, as Scott mentioned , the more Timothy does boy things the more of a rebel he becomes. Hmmm….

I love the big guy!



4 thoughts on “You can take the girl things out of the room, but …

  1. You’re right about Scott. Jerry cringed and had to bite his tongue a LOT. To let everyone know, Traci and I loved to paint his fingernails (Scott liked it too.) He also loved to do what the cheerleaders were doing at football games instead of watching the boys play ball. This really “rattled” Jerry. That’s just to name a couple–and as Lori said–Scott turned out just fine……

  2. All of Scott’s girl cousins probably didn’t help any when we were little. Poor guy was just surrounded by us and we never did fully understand the allure of his He-Man toys. But he seems to have turned out OK, all things considering.

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