Algebraically Speaking

When people learn that Scott and I both have degrees in Mathematics, they usually make some sort of comment about the type of conversations we must have. We often humor them by telling them that Scott’s idea of doodling at the dinner table is writing out a long, complicated equation and proof. We speak our own language, that’s for sure.

Now Emily is starting to get in on the act. We are really not trying to mold our children into mathematicians, but they really can’t help picking up a little bit of it. As Emily gets ready for school each morning, we often talk about school things or just what we’ve got planned for the day. This just help gets her in school mode.

I don’t remember how we got to this particular discussion on Thursday morning, but we posed the following question to Emily:

“If I give you 4 apples and take away 6 grapes, how many apples do you have left?”

I am not going to give away the answer, but Scott and I were very proud that she answered it correctly the first time.

She even responded with a question for us:

“If I give you 4 oranges and take away 6 grapes, how many grapes do you have left?”

She later informed us the answer is three.

So, the question I have for you is how many grapes did we start with?

That’s our girl!


2 thoughts on “Algebraically Speaking

  1. We’ll start working on the song for the quadratic formula next week.

    (to the tune of pop goes the weasel)
    x is equal to negative b
    plus or minus the square root
    of b squared minus four a c
    all over two a.

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