More words

It’s been a few days so I thought I’d add a few more words to the dictionary. Feel free to add yours to the comments, I love seeing what kids come up with.

  1. up-down: This is the request of Timo to turn him upside-down. I guess there is some age that most people outgrow this desire to be turned up-down. None of my kids are anywhere near that age.
  2. Coach: Now, technically, I made this one up but both Emily and Timothy have started using it. It is the new nickname for Zachary. Yesterday he was wearing khaki pants and a polo-like shirt and with his giant belly (baby fat) he looked like a coach walking around. So, I called him Coach and so far it has stuck. At least for a couple days.
  3. I wanna lose your ring: Again, not really a new word introduced by the kids but Lori’s interpretation of a very common phrase from the mouth of Timo. Several times he repeated it and Lori remained convinced that he wanted to lose her ring. No, Lori, he wants a Nutri-grain. (One of his favorite breakfasts)

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