Happy New Year!

No, you don’t need to check your calendars. It’s a new year for me. I’ve made it through my 29th year.

Last week, Scott asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I considered his question for a bit before responding. Having a birthday two weeks after Valentine’s Day and just 2 months after Christmas, my wish list is often just not very lengthy at this time of year. For Valentine’s Day, Scott got me the latest addition to my Ewan McGregor movie collection (Moulin Rouge). I am still quite pleased with that gift, so thinking of something even better was not easy.

Finally, I came up with an answer. I suppose this means I am all growed up.
baglessvacuum.jpgIt’s a Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum. Our Hoover has started leaving the house smelling a bit funny after a cleaning. I suppose if I would actually change the bag once in a while, that wouldn’t happen. But now I won’t have to worry about that! I already did a trial run in the living room and it worked great!

And, Zachary was really pleased with it too…
<img alt="Zachary in Vacuum Box" zachinabox.jpg
We really should clean that boy’s face before taking his picture once in a while!

It has been a really nice birthday. Mom and Dad came to visit. They came Friday to see Emily cheer at the last Upward game and stayed until today to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately, we were all plagued by the stomach bug during the first part of the visit. It has been nice having two extra pair of hands to help as we have been recovering from that. We are all feeling much better now, and have been able to celebrate more properly. Last night, we christened their birthday gifts to me. I am now the proud owner of two belgium waffle irons — one round and one that makes sticks. The kids are particularly fond of the sticks. Between the three of them, they polished off 24 sticks. Those kids have got some dynamite appetites!



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