I broke him

This evening I broke my eldest son’s heart. I didn’t mean to, nor did I have to, but it just happened. I had an evening meeting. As the sponsor of a student organization in my division at work, I attend semi-monthly meetings with this group of students and tonight happened to be one of those meetings.

Sitting at the dinner table I realized that Lori had had a difficult afternoon with the children so I offered to take one of them with me. In fact, I began by offering to Timothy. I asked if he’d like to go with me to my meeting. He simply said, “No, daddy.” So I took him at his word. I then offered to Emily who seemed to jump at the chance.

About 15 minutes later it was time to go so Emily and I said our goodbyes. At which point, you could see Timothy’s heart break into a million tiny little pieces. “I want to go with Daddy, too.” Followed by screams and tears. There was not much I could do as two children would be too much to handle at this particular meeting. In the end he had to stay home. Lori eventually bribed him with sweets but as soon as Emily and I returned, Timothy insisted that I hold him and play with him for the rest of the evening. Happy Ending, in my book!


One thought on “I broke him

  1. It took 3 pieces of candy before he stopped saying he wanted to go with daddy.

    Poor guy. Some days he wants to be as big as his sister and other days he wants to be as little as his brother. It must be so hard to be stuck in the middle.


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