It’s A Hard Knock Life.

Poor toddlers. They are at just the right height for bumping their heads on furniture as they go toddling about the house or office.

When Emily was a toddler, she was usually content to just sit and play so she managed to avoid having many of such collissions. It also helped that we were home almost all the time, and we put kept the house pretty well toddler-proof.

The boys have really opened my eyes. Once Timothy started walking, it was rare for him to not have a bump on his head. He was not one to just sit, so he was constantly walking into desks and tables. It was a day of celebration when he was finally tall enough to avoid all those hazardous edges!

Zachary has a new bruise on his forehead today. This one is not from his brother or from crashing into a table. This is a new one. This morning, as we were preparing to leave the church, Zachary decided to climb the stairs at the church. I pulled him down from the stairs, instructed him not to climb the stairs because he would get hurt, and got back to work putting supplies away. I left him under the watchful care of one of the nursery workers. Not long later, I heard him crying and the nursery worker brought him to me.

Zachary had decided to disobey me and climb the stairs again. He is only 15 months old, so really it didn’t surprise me that he climbed back up the stairs. When he got to the top, he turned around and attempted to walk back down the stairs. This didn’t go too well for him. The nursery worker was right there with him, but wasn’t able to catch him before he crashed. Poor guy has a nasty carpet burn just above his left eye.

One thing for sure about Zachary. He is a tough guy. He cried for less than a minute. I think I would have cried longer than that if it had been me that had taken that tumble! He is going to have to be tough to make it through all the hard knocks from his older brother and from all the spills he is sure to take.



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