Da Boys II

Another good day with the boys. Today, Emily went to another birthday party for one of her friends. The second in as many days. I had the privilege of staying home with the boys. Timothy and I had a rockin good time playing a wide array of games together.

  • Block building (and knocking over)
  • Jungling (aka Juggling)
  • Painting: We painted all walls in his room with a broken toy broom. Then we painted all the toys and each other.
  • Race cars: We discovered a new functionality to one of his toys. An self-propelled car that would chase us all around the house
  • Hide and Seek: The old classic was a first for just me and Timothy. He was pretty good until he began choosing my hiding places for me.

For the record, Zachary remained sound asleep through all of this.

Oh and by the way, later that day Zachary looked up at me from the walmart shopping cart and very deliberately called me his “Ditty”. Nice.


2 thoughts on “Da Boys II

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!
    I am so glad Zachary slept while we were gone so you and Timothy were able to have some bonding time. Timothy has been needing some Daddy time!


  2. This makes me cry, I’m so proud of you for being such a good “Ditty.” By the way, that’s what I always called my Daddy–“Ditty”

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