Got My Bean Dip

As Scott mentioned, Emily and Timothy are spending Spring Break with their Grandparents. So, Sunday afternoon,we loaded the van and drove to Abilene to meet up with Mom and Dad before sending them on to Granbury.

It always takes longer to travel with the children, but this time it took even longer. Besides being deterred by the call of the tiny bladders in the backseat, we were also deterred by some more natural disasters. The dry weather we’ve been experiencing coupled with the high winds caused some grass fires that really made it difficult to travel. The kids response to the fire? “What’s that smell?”

After nearly two hours, we finally made it to Lubbock. We ran a couple errands and headed down Hwy 84 to Abilene. Then, we had some new smells to encounter. Skunks. Apparently, several of them had attempted to cross Hwy 84 recently. Yuck. At least they didn’t slow us down…

So, our normally three hour trip to Abilene took just over four hours. We had a fabulous dinner at El Chico with mom and dad and a friend that has recently moved to Abilene. After a tearful goodbye with Emily and a rather cheerful (on his part) goodbye with Timothy, we headed home.

On the way home, we stopped in Post to stretch our legs a bit. We usually don’t let everyone out of the van at the same time. In fact, Zachary usually doesn’t get out at all. So, this was a special treat for him. He wandered around the Town & Country with much excitement. He was particularly fond of the snack food aisle. He picked up a small can of bean dip and held it close to his chest. He picked up a bag a jelly beans and shook it for a bit. Then, he moved on to some appleheads candy. He put those down and proceded to shake several other items on the aisle. Candy bars didn’t hold his attention for long as they made no noise when shaken. When he was finished, he handed me bean dip, said “this,” and walked towards Scott at the front of the store.

It’s quiet. We miss our children. We made very good use of our time yesterday, and I hope we do so today. Yesterday, I:
— painted the hallway
— installed a new doorbell
— painted the hall bathroom
— drew the posters for Emily’s bedroom

The rest of the week, I plan to:
— put the hall bathroom back together (mirror, install new light kit, rehang medicine cabinet)
— finish coloring Emily’s posters
— paint the living room
— paint Emily’s closet doors
— take the dogs to the vet (this afternoon)
— clean out the hall closet
— clean out the linen cabinets
— clean out the places that we have put things that have no place

I was considering trying to convince Scott to go to Granbury on Thursday, but that list looks pretty daunting. Especially, considering I am still in my PJs!



2 thoughts on “Got My Bean Dip

  1. We ran into quite a bit of smoke and ash from the grass fires this way, too. We really enjoyed our visit with y’all over the weekend.
    Sounds like a lot of work this week! Get some rest, too. I bet you’ll need it next week when the 2 travelers get home!

  2. How tall is Zachary after stretching his legs at Post? Actually, we didn’t have Pancake Sugar Logs for breakfast; they were Pancake Splenda Logs and Timothy had three. Now we’re off to the marina for hotdogs.

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