Spring Break Work Week

This week is Spring Break for Wayland as well as the Plainview ISD. We’ve shipped the two older kids off to Granbury (to stay with Lori’s parents). Both Lori and I have a number of projects around the house we wanted to accomplish. By getting the kids out of our hair for a few days, we think we’ll be able to accomplish them. We are both missing our kids; it’s very hard to be away from them for so long. Nevertheless, we are getting a good deal of work done with only Zachary around. Here’s my list of goals for the week:

  • Fence Repair: (DONE) Repair damage to sections of fence where the posts have rotted and are loose from the ground.
  • Clean out garage: (In Process) Clean up all the junk in the garage. Build the shelves I bought several months ago and organize storage in the garage.
  • Fix garage door: (DONE) Repair the broken door knob on the garage door.
  • Fix bathroom cabinet: Repair the cabinet in the bathroom where I tore it up trying to fix a leak
  • Refinish coffee table: Sand down, stain and coat with polyurethane
  • Yard Work: Clean up the back yard, begin watering yard and getting it ready for spring. Trim bushes. Rake all remaining leaves.

I will post some pictures of the completed work over the next couple of days.


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