Spring Break Work Week #3

Update. I finally finished the garage. As I mentioned in the last post, it turned out to be a larger project than I thought. We had come to just piling stuff in one side of the two car garage and there was tons of trash, tons of old clothes that needed to be boxed and nothing was organized in any way shape or form. A few months ago I purchased a couple of metal shop shelves at walmart hoping to clean up and organize things out there. I can’t believe that just buying didn’t get the job done. Well, the job is now done. Take a look:

Workbench and toolbox (AND the toolbox is now organized, you can find what you are looking for, woohoo!):

New shelves, bikes and trikes:

Golf corner and other important things:

By the way, last night I posted the pictures of the fence but as soon as the email went out for the announcement, we had to unplug the server so that Lori could paint the wall behind it. Sorry, if you tried to click the link and nothing happened. You can read it here.


3 thoughts on “Spring Break Work Week #3

  1. Geat job, we’ll have to come back soon just to see everything y’all accomplished this week (in person.) As I commented on Lori’s blog, you are both welcome to come here for a week and work. I’d be glad to babysit……I’ve got closets that need cleaned out, etc……painting, redecorating, etc., etc., etc.

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